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Let me help you make your mark on the web.

I am an award winning designer in Beaufort, SC with a passion for designing and delivering beautiful websites. Let me design you something to brag about and check out what I can offer you below.

Special Care for Non-Profits

Community service organizations receive extra care and reduced prices as a thank you for all the good work they do. This includes all web design as well as maintenance options.

Small Businesses

Small businesses need all the help they can get. This includes their web presence (while on a budget) in the ever competing market. Save some of that money with me and spend it elsewhere.

Beautiful Design

Make some waves and stand out from the crowd with a beautiful, creative, and affordable website. I guarantee you will be receiving compliments when everything is done.

Fast Delivery

I pride myself with being able to get a website up and functioning quickly. If I have all the correct information from you, I can have your website up in under a week.

Responsive Design

Your websites will be viewable on phones and tablets, no matter the size, allowing you to reach a wider audience.


No one will be snooping around in your data. Rest assured that your site and data are safe 24/7.

You can also enjoy the following features if you opt-in for a monthly maintenance plan:

Content Updates

Take a breather and save some time and money with a hands off approach when it comes to updating your site. Provide me with your changes and I’ll make them happen.

Cloud Backups

Your website and data are important. Enjoy some peace of mind knowing that your site is protected from any unfortunate accidents or data loss. All data is uploaded to Google’s encrypted servers.

Timely Maintenance

Not everyone has time to ensure their site is operating at peak efficiency. Let me do all the work for you so you can use your valuable time elsewhere and focus on more important things.

SEO Updates

While your website initially comes with SEO optimization, you may find yourself wanting to expand your demographic and business. When this happens, I will re-optimize your website’s information.

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The Link

cso web

Community Service Organization

herban web

Herban Marketplace

dd web

Darkest Dungeon

I want to thank Sean Green for all the work he has done to get us up and going. I am amazed. It is a wonderful website and moves us into the realm of a professional working non-profit organization.

Steve Curless, PresidentCommunity Service Organization

Sean has been a pleasure to work with on Darkest Dungeon. He began in a volunteer role, showing drive and enthusiasm, before we transitioned him to a deserved paid capacity. It's been great to be able to toss him tasks and then forget about them, knowing they'll be handled well.

Tyler Sigman, FounderRed Hook Studios


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