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I am an award winning designer in Beaufort, SC with a passion for creating and delivering beautiful design. Let me create you something to brag about and check out what I can offer you below.

Special Care for Non-Profits

Community service organizations receive extra care and reduced prices as a thank you for all the good work they do. This includes all design, print and web.

Small Businesses

Small businesses need all the help they can get including design (while on a budget) in the ever competing market. Save some of that money with me and spend it elsewhere.

Beautiful Design

Make some waves and stand out from the crowd with a beautiful, creative, and affordable design. I guarantee you will be receiving compliments when showing your project off.

Fast Delivery

I pride myself with being able to get great design out in a timely fashion. If I have all the correct information from you, I can have your project completed in under two weeks.

Responsive Design

Your websites will be viewable on phones and tablets, no matter the size, allowing you to reach a wider audience.

Peace of Mind

I keep backups of all your design projects, no matter how large. Never worry about losing anything again.

spring fling 2017

Spring Fling 2017

Summer Fall COurse Schedule Cover

TCL Registration Guide

Post Card Teal

Graduation Postcard

I want to thank Sean Green for all the work he has done to get us up and going. I am amazed. It is a wonderful website and moves us into the realm of a professional working non-profit organization.

Steve Curless, PresidentCommunity Service Organization

Sean has been a pleasure to work with on Darkest Dungeon. He began in a volunteer role, showing drive and enthusiasm, before we transitioned him to a deserved paid capacity. It's been great to be able to toss him tasks and then forget about them, knowing they'll be handled well.

Tyler Sigman, FounderRed Hook Studios

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